Parc de La Trinitat

Competition. 2nd Prize


Towards Ecological Brutalism. This project speculates with the capacity of micro-interventions in relation to existing major infrastructural operations to regenerate lost civic and social values in the urban environment. Through the use of water as a medium, the project provides a collection of functional solutions at the metropolitan scale and new economic and social ecologies for citizens currently unavailable.


The micro-interventions rank from new ecological urban farming for local consumption, to infrastructural elements for minor trades. The landmark of the intervention is a large collector of energy and promenade that connects both sides of the Besós River for pedestrians and bikers.


Credits: X-Made (Miquel Rodríguez, Sivia Gil, Joanna Jossif), Marta García-Orte, Álex Ivancic, Albert Colomer, The Fautory