House in Micheldorf, Austria

(Under development)


This house is designed for a single individual, cameraman and paraglider, and  explores issues of transparency and movement as generators of new kinds of domesticity. The house provides a set of frames that correspond with the multiple contingencies of everyday life. Oriented towards the Alpine views located at the Southwest and the adjacent castle towards the Northeast, the space transits from the street to the inner garden, reinforcing crossing views and transparencies happening within the house and between the house and its geographic landmarks.  

Conceptually, the cinematographic character of the house follows the logic of the existing landscape, articulating the views in a sequence of spaces or events. This spaces are structural, organizing its domesticity as well as the inhabitant’s movement and programs.


Geometrically, the house unfolds from a double perimeter line setting the heights of the roof. On the exterior, the height is constant at 4.45 m, whereas in the interior, the house transits from the lowest point at 2.40 m to the highest one at 6.00 m where the master bedroom is located. This strategy allows for a second floor towards the North and provides the adequate slope for the installation of future solar panels on the roof. The dynamism of the house’s geometry is perceptible in the the double space of the living room.


Credits: The Fautory