House Upstate New York



This design departs from the client’s existing organization of spaces in his apartment located in the Upper East Side in New York. The formal and experiential continuity between these spaces and the relationship and ambivalence of the rooms become the formal reference for a serial transformation that accommodates the conceptual aspects to a new topography. This metamorphosis proposes an alternative for habitation in the existing natural environment while fulfilling the visual and functional requirements.


From the transversal orientation of the original dwelling to the longitudinal axis of the new house: the design takes advantage of the sloping landscape to provide a new set of cascading domestic spaces. These rooms begin in the social  sphere and end up in the space of the intimate self. Longitudinally, a strip of services, furniture, and structure temporally separates the continuous space of the house from the open circulation. The structure is embeded within this functional device, cantilevering to both sides of the house.

The porosity of this residence in every direction favors the cinematic reading of the house: a sequence of habitational, continuous experiences that acquires momentum and maximum privacy in the highest point of the hill. The perimeter is a continuous window, a division of glass separating artificially the house from the landscape. The mass of the roof appears then floating, resting at night on top of a set of gleaming lights-spaces, art works, and social events.


Architects: The Fautory

Collaborator: Matthew Kennedy