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On Architecture Production


The Fautory was born long ago, once collaborations among friends and colleagues begun to crystalize. Since then, we wanted to keep a spirit of collaboration and collegiality as the source for architectural intelligence. This last episode presented in digital format is just the snapshot of an ongoing project currently taking place. 



The name The Fautory is an evolution of the idea of the 'fautor': a figure that, although archaic, is worth recuperating as a counterpoint to the individual author. A fautor is an abettor, an accomplice and a supporter, someone who is not thriving for authorship recognition although her contribution remains essential. In sum: someone who collaborates to attain larger goals.



The word Fautory also entails a homage and recuperation. It stands as a celebration of the city where we have been living for the past eight years and where this practice was finally conceptualized: New York. The name Fautory recalls a moment in history when the second wave of Pop Art made a significant contribution to the intellectual and cultural debates of this city. Far from facile references to consumer's culture, we are concerned with matter, media, and their cultural implications for architecture. The intellectual roots of The Fautory as a platform for architectural thinking depart from that moment to assume a conceptual failure we think is still worth exploring: the contested territory between pop culture and historical materialism. We are very aware of the theoretical impossibility of that project and yet we still consider its synthesis our intellectual responsibility. After all, the world could be different. It is on us to attempt to imagine where and how these differences might be materialized.







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